In order to optimize a manufacturing process a lot of companies give their raw materials to be processed in other organizations. That`s why the customer-owned processing is a one of the most important business line of our plant. Manufacturing and human resources allow us to carry out manufacturing constructions using customer`s raw in a complex:

  • developing structural engineering drawings by specialists from our design-office
  • obtaining and sorting customers` materials
  • warehousing customers` materials
  • applying finish coating (powder coating, anodizing, sublimation decoration);
  • profiles` rolling;
  • constructions` manufacturing;
  • steel brackets and abutting joints` manufacturing;
  • recycling and recovery;
  • missing materials` purchasing;
  • reporting to a customer on finished products and materials used;
  • finished products` transportation;

Prices for customer-owned raw processing:

Description Measure unit Price with VAT* (RUB)
AGS doors м2 1 600,00
SCHUCO doors м2 1 800,00
Green house м2 1 440,00
Blank windows AGS м2 400,00
Tilt and turn windows AGS м2 900,00
Blank windows SCHUECO м2 500­ — 600,00
Tilt and turn windows SCHUECO м2 1 130­ — 1 400,00

Facades (post-bar)

м2 550 — 750

Protruding balconies (unwarmed)

м2 500 — 650

Sliding constructions

м2 1 980,00


* More detailed calculation you can get by contacting our specialists over the phone +7 (495) 543-3222

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