Installation is the final stage of order executing which requires special attention.

Installation Division of STALKO IPL employs more than 140 people.

We carry out installation of curtain wall and façade systems, windows, doors and winter gardens at high professional level due to the wide experience of Engineering, exact tasks assignment, flexibility and narrow specialization of individual workers in installation team, including possibility to work at height using climbers. Undoubtedly having full technical equipment and using modern technologies and consumable items are contributes.

The accuracy of assembling on site is a mandatory requirement as the quality of building structures and accordingly indoors comfort level are largely depend on correct execution of these works precisely. All joints of constructions are developed at the early stage of a project by a leading design engineer involving a work executor from SMR. The final part of installation is adjustment of all opening elements and preparation the final construction to be passed to the Customer.

A mandatory part of order support is a service during warranty and post-warranty period.

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