STALKO IPL provides a full range of works for construction and assembling facades with ventilated air gap: designing, equipping, delivery and installation. A wide variety of materials, selected architectural solutions and customer requirements allow to underline personality and originality of any executed project. Simplicity and reliability of constructive solutions make possible façades` installation in the shortest time.

There are several major advantages of using curtain wall façade system:

  • Thermal insulation;
  • Removal of moisture generated by water vapor diffusion from supporting and non-load-bearing building constructions;
  • Atmospheric protection of s load-bearing walls;
  • Increasing noise- and soundproofing insulation;
  • Relatively low requirements to finishing level during of main walls pre-treatment;
  • Excellent appearance.

Giving great importance to customer needs` researching we are glad to offer advanced technologies and materials for manufacturing and installation of curtain wall façade system.


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