Technical capabilities and using durable and sustainable building materials in manufacturing and installation of aluminum façade systems allow maximizing a glass area; thereby a building obtains especially elegant appearance. The top of architectural design is a structural glazing we propose, where on an outer façade there onlyglass is visible.

Our company offers aluminum profile systems for glazing from Russian (SIAL, AGS, REALIT) and foreign (SCHUECO, ALUTECH) manufacturers that makes possible operating in a wide price range. Aluminum façade profile systems are used as for glazing large flat façades as well as for manufacturing of curved spatial constructions. That enables to implement different extraordinary technical and architectural solutions.

For glass and aluminum curtain walls are used two types of profiles – “cold” and “warm”:

  • “Cold” profiles with high thermal conductivity and without insulating thermal breaks are used for indoor, for outfitting anterooms and a second glazing line.
  • “Warm” profiles have insulating thermal breaks that provide better resistances to heat transferring are used to obtain a thermal circuit of a building.

Implementation of the boldest architectural ideas is largely achieved by using different color solutions and fillers. Aluminum mullions and rails could be anodized or coated in anyRAL scale shade (including two-tone coating) or decorated as precious woods. There are a lot of glass packs could be used: vision glass, spandrel and tinted glass, energy-saving glass, monolithic heat strengthened glass, glass with a colored coating (frit) and polyester film, triplex and “Emalit” glass.

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