Design, manufacturing and installation of a greenhouse are the most technologically complex solutions in architectural and engineering among all resultants we produce using glass and aluminum curtain wall system.

The main tasks we solve during designing and manufacturing is accuracy in measuring of complex surfaces and shapes:

  • Calculating of strength properties, wind and snow load, load distribution onsupporting elements;
  • Calculating and recommendations on temperature conditions and heating;
  • Calculating of internal condensate and outdoor water draining;
  • Working out issuesonventilation andairing;
  • Optimization of a prime cost;
  • Selection of  fillers` security level on customer`s request;
  • Developing and approving of greenhouse architectural solutions.

Only carefully elaborated solutions and the highest quality of used materials ensure reliability and durability of constructions.

STALKO IPL provides a fullrange of services for greenhouses: calculation, design, approval, manufacturing and installation, usingself-supporting aluminum systems from Russian (AGS, REALIT) or foreign(SCHUECO, ALUTECH) manufacturers as well as steel skeleton for a large space area glazing. Opening construction parts are also made ​​of high-quality elements. Particularattention is given toglass packs in order to provide sound insulation, heat keeping and perform as safety glazing.

During constructions installation we carefully comply assembling and sealing technology. Our partners get high-quality product ready-to-use.

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