STALKO IPL is pleased to offer aluminum windows and doors.The capabilities of our company in design, manufacturing and installation allow to output doors and windows using different aluminum systems with a wide variety of design and opening arrangement. Constructions of aluminum windows and doors are divided into the two main types differing on application:

  • “Cold” constructions use profiles without insulating thermal breaks for applying in unheated areas or in internal heated spaces.
  • “Warm” constructions use profiles with insulating thermal breaks for applying in heated residential and non-residential spaces.

Using architectural hardware allows various ways of opening:

  • Turn, turn/tilt, hinged, parallel-opening;
  • Opening outwards or inwards, with overlaid or hidden hardware, with overlapped or butted casements;
  • Opening manually or by electric drive;
  • Anti-burglary construction.

Windows and doors are made with parallel-sliding hardware allow covering large openings and at the same time to save space, as such system requires less space than a push-open one. All sliding constructions are featured by easyswing and do not require much effort to open. Folding and sliding constructions (multifolding doors) can significantly increase space blurring borders between indoors and outdoors. Window casements are easily fold in ward or out ward or shifted to any side.

Manufacturing of aluminum windows and doors using Schueco system allows offering constructions with fully automated opening drive. Such constructions are opened and closed with a simple click of a button. Besides such system allows to control opening and closing of several windows at the same time, even if they are located in different rooms and on separated floors.

Automatic doors are equipped with a secure electric drive that makes able to providethe highestpassing ability. That is very important e.g. for railway stations, airports, malls and business centers.

The fitting solutions proposed for aluminum constructions make possible to underline a style and a dignified appearance of a building.

Aluminum windows and doors that we produce meet all regulatory requirements of normative documents.

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