The main activity fields of STALKO IPL are developing, manufacturing and installation of glass and aluminum curtain wall constructions of any complexity. We supply and support windows, facades, skylight constructions to a building object.

Our company bases on multi-system principle and use the best aluminum profile systems of the leading international and domestic manufacturers: SCHUECO, ALUTECH, SIAL, AGS. Direct contracts with manufacturers insure quick order picking due to availability of the complete profile range in stock. It allows us to offer the most competitive prices to our customers with a minimal manufacturing period.

STALKO IPL performs a full scope of works for curtain wall constructions: design, manufacturing, delivery and installation. Applying a wide variety of cladding materials including aluminum composite panels, porcelain tiles, minerit together with using subsystems of aluminum and stainless steel allow to underline personality and originality of any executed project. We base ourselves upon purpose and structure of building, architectural solutions and customer requirements. Simplicity and reliability of design solutions make possible installation of curtain wall constructions in the shortest time.

There are more than 200 employees in the company.

The powerful industrial base with the modern high performance equipment lets us offering a wide range of products and carry out producing and installation of more than 10 000 square meters of constructions per month.

The staff of experienced highly qualified professionals allows us to implement complex manufacturing challenges with the highest level of product quality. We can solve complex technical issues in design, manufacturing and installation constructions of any complexity combining it with a progressive approach to a work regime.

Well-organized transport service and availability of own vehicle fleet ensures delivery of constructions by a target date.

Continuously improving the quality of products and services we meet to the high quality manufacturing and installation standards.

Since 2010STALKO IPL is a member of a SRO.